Welcome to our track day club

Join us and drive our Club Cars at professional racing circuits with reliable and fast cars. A professional racing experience every time for both beginners, intermediate and experienced track drivers. We have lap time computers in the cars and instructors who will help you get the best experience.

Our cars are always newly serviced, new break pads, new tyres and new fluids. They all have gear boxes with paddle shift and are both fast and safe to drive.

Our fleet of club cars includes two Porsche Caymans, a Porsche 911 GT3, an Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-S and an Audi R8. 

Every track day our drivers share the cars to enjoy track racing from 400€ / hour. Prices include new prepared cars, petrol, car insurance and a team of track coaches helping you during the day.

No other way can you have such an exclusive racing experience for such a low price.

Our track day club is perfect for you who like to try track racing, train and become an experienced driver, or just love to drive on different tracks in Europe.

We are also perfect for companies who like to invite a group of staff members or clients to a professional track day experience.

You need to be a club member and have Clubcoins to pay with, to be able to use our Club Cars on our track days.

Click the button and fill in our contact form if you are interested in any of our track days or if you like to know more about how it works.