Sponsoring Companies

These companies are club sponsors of Gentlemen Driving. They all offer special discounts and support to all members. You are welcome to contact them directly as club members.


DESIGN911.com – Porsche spare parts, tuning & performance products online.

GARMIN CATALYST – Faster laptimes with Garmin Catalyst driving performance optimizer.

MALLORCA CAR KEEPER – We take care of pampering your car in every way!

GEDLICH RACING – Track day organizer, driver training and company events.

KRAKEN RACING – ECU tuning and performance parts for your vehicle.

MONKEY GRAFICS MALLORCA – Professional car wrapping.

NOVAK & MARTIN ADVOKATFIRMA – Lawyers with office based in Stockholm, Sweden.

MALLORCA CARTEC – Repairs & tuning of exclusive, exotic & historical cars in Mallorca.

COMFORT CARE CARE – Storage garages by Malaga airport and high quality car detailing.

GULF STORE PUERTO PORTALS – Brand shop in Mallorca with 10% discount for club members.

GOODYEAR – great clothes and accessories with 10% discount on all items with code “GMDMEMBER”.

OPEN CLASSICS MALLORCA – Rent cabriolet cars, race car parts & tuning .

MENTAL MOTORSPORTS MALAGA – Storage, repairs, logistics & events for racing car owners.

RALLY SCHOOL IN SWEDEN – Book your winter rally school events.

TOUR AMICAL – Book your place on the iconic Tour Amical.

DOMUS VIVENDI GROUP – High-quality real estate projects at the best locations in Germany and the Balearic Islands.

SENKPIEL SPORTMANAGEMENT – Driver coaching & support.

BRABREUM – Bespoke insurance products for racing cars & drivers.

EIGENSTROM DIREKT – Photovoltaic solar panel systems.

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